Our offer

DealMotion premium corporate travel & due diligence solutions have been designed to meet the most demanding business expectations. Our unique and bespoken offer sets the standards in pleasurable and risk-free corporate travel management.

Travel bookings

  • Business flight arrangements
  • On-site transport arrangements
  • Accommodation bookings

Focus on your core business and let experts handle your trips. Because, we know how to find the best conditions for flights and accommodation. Also, we are the ones who can make you live a premium experience. So, click below, tell us what we need to know, and be relieved from any worry.

corporate travel - due diligence

Destination preview

  • Updated country & city information
  • Practicalities & local tips
  • Free time suggestions

Do not miss out on anything about the place you are visiting. Learn about its history, key facts and safety situation. Get an insight into the cultural do’s and don’ts and get to know the keywords of the local language. Finally, discover a list of the best places to visit, eat, go out and much more! 

corporate travel - due diligence

Due diligence - Know Your Partner

  • Open-source & proprietary information
  • Comprehensive company factsheet
  • Media reputation overview

Wondering how to minimize the risk when working with international partners? Order our customized and simplified due diligence reports about companies, and start working risk-free. Depending on your needs, we will provide you with a one-page factsheet or a more detailed report. In any case, you will get all you need to know about your existing or potential partners.

corporate travel - due diligence

Due diligence - Identification

  • Tailor-made prospection
  • Potential partners screening
  • Listing with a brief company overview

Looking for relevant and trustworthy business partners in a country where you have limited access? Rely on our network of local analysts and our corporate travel & due diligence solutions. Concretely, we will screen the market and provide you with a tailor-made list of prospective companies & institutions. Hence, they will be safe to work with, as per international standards.