Bleisure: the new DNA of business travels

Times when business travels were only for top managers and veteran employees are of the past.  So are the years when the success of those trips was only measured by the outcome of professional meetings. The last decade has seen new ways and purposes of business travelling, as well as new generations of professionals that are disrupting the whole corporate travel industry. Going on a trip for work is more common today than it used to be. Hence, a developing trend of bleisure, the new DNA of business travels, has emerged. As this tendency will continue amplifying, the best is to understand it, embrace it and get the most out of it. Let us see what it is all about.

How the concept of bleisure came to be?


Those who are not used to traveling for work often misunderstand the concept of business trips. They tend to believe that corporate travel is equal to a vacation, as they are only familiar with the pleasant side of traveling. While their understanding tends to be overwhelmingly idealist, it remains a fact that some pleasant moments do occur during business trips. Indeed, pleasure is in the DNA of traveling.

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However, we are talking about business travels, and the importance of the first word remains. Our work is the primary reason why the journey takes place. Developing and maintaining our business requires us to travel. So does the need to have some difficult and tiring moments. Yes, traveling for business can be very stressful. To find the right balance in our professional life, bleisure – a word combining business and pleasure – was conceptualized several years ago.

Bleisure travels create trust & loyalty


Bleisure travels contribute to bringing a sense of belonging. For a company, sending employees to business trips is an investment. It might generate a short, mid, or long-term ROI, depending on the aim of their mission. But in all cases, employees will feel trusted, and maybe even rewarded. It tends to initiate a raise in their pride to be part of the organization. It reinforces their commitment towards their employer, but also their wish to outperform.

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In the same way, some companies invite their customers, business partners, and providers (sometimes including their families) on city trips. By doing so, they intend to deepen their relations with the key individuals that gravitate around their business world. Sharing good moments abroad is a way of creating trust and building a community of loyal partners. What else would better cement the pillars of a prosperous future?

Mens sana in corpore sano


If traveling for business were not meant to include anything enjoyable, business hotels would not offer facilities such as swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi, sports room, and massage parlor. Put simply, if there were no demand, there would be no offer, and the bleisure concept wouldn’t have been developed. Ancient Romans knew it already 2000 years ago: “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is not just a proverb but a necessity.

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After a day of hard work, there is nothing like switching your brain off. Transporting your soul to another world for a couple of hours is an excellent cure against stress. Not only can you get a pleasurable experience, but it will also help you refresh your mind, analyze the past day with more clarity, and give you the lucidity you need to plan your next days.

Local experiences enrich travelers


During the bleisure trip, business travelers should live the real, local experience. Whatever your preferences are, there are always activities that will make your journey fulfilling and enriching. Museums, parks, monuments, historical places and panoramic viewpoints are spots you might consider exploring. Some of you will opt to enjoy your time alone, while others will prefer to take a guide. Taking a walk, a city tour by bus or renting a car to get out of the city – it is all a matter of personal choice.

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Taking advantage of a long stopover can also be a thrilling experience. If you have to spend 5 hours or more in the airport of a city you are interested in, you might consider finding a taxi or a private chauffeur who will drive you around for a few hours. Agree on a fee beforehand and enjoy the express city-trip. You might never come back to this place, and experiencing new destinations is something people rarely get tired of. It will always bring you something enriching. Even if the experience lasts only a few hours.

Bleisure as an anti-burn-out remedy


While traveling for work might bring its part of inconveniences, it also offers travelers getaway opportunities and moments to enjoy. Every time professionals fancy the experience of traveling for work, it is also beneficial for their employer. Indeed, such experiences will often boost the employees’ creativity and productivity, but also their loyalty to the company. Not to be forgotten that bleisure trips are an excellent anti-burn-out remedy.

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Knowing that business travels will keep booming, embrace its new DNA – the bleisure trend. When you are all set regarding the professional aspect of your trip, prepare yourself for its more pleasurable side by informing yourself about your destination. And be realistic when making your luggage, as the chances are high that you will not spend 24/7 in a suit and wearing a tie. Check the facilities offered by your hotel, pack your sportswear and some casual clothes, plan your exploratory activities, and get the most of your bleisure travel.